Monday, March 30, 2015

The Emotions Loaded With A Gift For A Baby

Life brings many exciting moments for everyone, and there’s nothing better than celebrating such lovely moments with family, and making such moments even more delightful with gifts. A baby’s birth is one of the most magical and exciting moments. Friends and family of the blessed parents can contribute in making the occasion happier, and make it more enjoyable with gifts.
A gift for a baby is more of a gift to the parents. Therefore, getting a gift with thoughts, emotions, wishes, and excitement is quite important to convey your sentiments to the beautiful family. 

Difficult To Find The Right Gift

You have shopped for your friends a hundred times in your life, but when it comes to buying a gift for their baby, your mind might just go blank. The baby is really small, so might not be able to enjoy the gift him or herself, and that might puzzle you even more. So should you get something for the parents instead? But then, what about the baby?

You should get something that conveys your emotions, your happiness on the birth of the baby, and your feelings for the baby’s parents. The trick to getting a gift at a reasonable price and with a personalised touch is to get an art gift made by the artist Carla Daly in Dublin. With her attention to detail, her cute, and dainty art works make great gifts for a baby.


A baby shower or a baby’s christening event are very special and fun events, to get together, celebrate a baby’s birth. Usually, other guests to the event also bring along some gifts for the baby, and you must take one too, to convey your best wishes on the baby’s birth, and to share the happiness of the baby’s family. It would do you great, if you get a personalized funky art work with the baby’s name on it on the Christening, as it will truly delight the baby’s parents and would look great when put up in a baby’s nursery or bedroom. 

Gift Idea

Personalised item make the best gifts, and you probably know this well. However, you might not know where to get a personalized gift for a baby. Gifts4Baby is one place where you can choose from an assortment of gifts for the baby. You can choose a cute wall plaque, a handmade baby’s name mobile, a height chart, or a lovely nursery art picture too. 
You cannot only add a baby’s name but you can add in other details to the nursery art, or other art works by Carla Daly. Moreover, it’s not difficult at all, you just have to log onto Gifts4Baby, choose the gift that you would love to give to the baby, add in the detail such as baby’s name, weight, height, mother’s name, father’s name etc., and continue to checkout. You would be amazed to see how nicely Carla adds in such details to the baby’s gift. What’s more you can even get a frame to put up the art work on a wall.
What gifts do you like best for babies? Share your comments and opinions with us. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Setting Up the Nursery for Your Baby

Designing and setting up a nursery for the baby can be very exciting for new parents. Parents, especially the first-time parents, want it to be perfect for their baby; therefore, the task may become daunting and tiring.
The most important element in a baby’s nursery is the wall-art. Art is known to be a stimulating factor in a child’s development. It is, therefore, important to carefully select such colours, textures and shapes that have a positive impact on your baby’s growth. 

Colours can greatly impact the look and feel of the nursery. The world of colours goes beyond pink and blue. Colour psychology helps us understand how colours can affect a child’s development. Some colours have a stimulating effect while others may relax the child.

Green Nursery Art
Green is a very relaxing colour. It promotes the feeling of peace and relaxes the child. It is a gender-neutral colour; therefore, this colour can be used for both boys and girls.
Carla Daly has designed this beautiful green coloured nursery art, named Dancing Sheep nursery art. You can use this piece in your baby’s nursery if you want your baby to remain calm and relaxed.

Blue Nursery Art
Blue colour produces a calming effect on the nerves. It is best used when mixed with some neutral colours like white and cream. It is best to use blue colour in lighter shades for a nursery.
Gifts4Baby has this Whale Splash nursery poster, which can be a perfect piece for your baby boy’s nursery. This poster can be framed in different colours to enhance the calming effect.

Yellow Nursery Art
If you want your baby to be active and intelligent, you should choose yellow-coloured wall art for your baby’s nursery. Yellow colour increases the muscular activity, and makes the child intellectually strong. One drawback of using yellow colour in nursery is that babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.

Carla Daly offers Yellow door sign with two cute giraffes. Since, yellow is a gender neutral colour, it can be used for both baby girl and baby boy’s nursery.

Red Nursery Art
Red is a colour which brings a feeling of warmth. A terracotta red tone or brick earthy red is best suited for a baby’s nursery.
Gifts4Baby features this Playground Christening Poster with a dominant red tone. This print showing a playground can enhance your baby’s motor development.
Gifts4Baby offers baby wall-art in all colours and shades. The best thing about Gifts4Baby wall art is that they can be personalised. You can create an awesome nursery for your baby by ordering from Gifts4Baby. Create a place for your baby, which can enhance the development of your baby and aid in a restful sleep.