Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10% Discount Coupon

For all you UK shoppers.........

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Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Irish Times - Ireland's Own Great Gift Sites

I had a nice surprise yesterday when I was listed in Irish Times - Ireland's Own Great Gift Sites. Not a bad list to be in!

Here is the list below -

  • Beautifully drawn and often hilarious limited edition prints (€150-€250) from this Sligo-based artist.
  • anniewest.com
  • Children’s illustrator Carla Daly has all kinds of growth charts, door signs, kids’ wall stickers and personalised art for kids’ bedrooms.
  • carladaly.com
  • Possibly the best online T-shirt shop, with tops emblazoned with slogans you’d have to be Irish to understand, eg “Where’s Grandad?”
  • hairybaby.com
  • This site has loads of presents, from cheesy mugs and novelty socks to natty lamps and Ugg boots.
  • peoplelovepresents.com
  • An online marketplace for finding lessons in everything from tuba playing to bee-keeping.
  • mindhives.com
  • A very cute site with a range of home accessories and gifts selected for their nostalgic feel, their sense of fun or their handmade nature.
  • mabelandviolet.com
  • Pigeon lamp, Charlie Monkey and Mono cat (pictured) are just three of the gifts on this site but it doesn’t confine itself to animal-themed presents.
  • nofixedabode.ie
  • Hard to beat for its weird and wonderful range of gifts from the really cute to the really ridiculous.
  • pressieport.ie

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Birth Announcement Wall Art

birth announcement

I have just finished two new baby birth announcement wall prints. These are a really lovely baby keepsakes and a unique gift for a newborn or baby's first Christmas. My baby keepsakes (birth announcemnt prints) are one of my best sellers on my site. I hand personalize each print with baby's name, date of birth, mum, dad, sister and brothers names, other family details are added. The amount of information on each print varies to suit the artwork.

Jungle Park
birth announcement

With Christmas coming, these are a great baby gift that all the family will enjoy! Don't forget I offer free shipping worldwide on all orders!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kids Name Art

Phew! I have at last finished designing and uploading my new products to my online shops CarlaDaly.com and CarlaDaly.co.uk. I am producing a range of wall art made up of kids names, and kids names as hanging mobiles. The wall art is printed on heavy card and laminated for durabilty, there are sticky pads on the back for easy attachment to the wall.

The name hanging mobiles are also printed on laminated card, they are attached with string which attaches to the ceiling. Your baby's name or your childs name is printed on both sides.