Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Great Things about Giving Personalized Gifts

Here is what happens when we try and give personalized gifts to the people that we care about: even if we are able to guess what they want, we will scour the mall and drive home empty handed. We will then repeat these steps 4 or 5 times before we redeem ourselves bad at giving gifts. 
Nobody is bad at giving gifts; you should just want to give them something that no one has and something that they would love to own. In simpler words, something that is made from scratch for them. 

And this is where personalized christening gifts come in. Personalized gifts have tons of benefits which include:

No Perfect Gift Hunting

The task is easier now that you have to only get exactly what you know they want. You don’t have to go through the ordeal of searching randomly through stores. 

Quality Goods

This is another thing that unique gifts bring with them as opposed to mass produced goods. Make sure that you get opulent packing if you can, or simply something just as personalized on the wrapping paper. Gift opening is also a memorable ritual on its own. 

Your Gift Stands Out

Ever experienced coming to a birthday party where you end up packing the same gift as another guest? This is one thing you can for sure avoid if you are packing a gift that is one of a kind.   

Make the Christening A Memory For The Kid To Carry On

Unlike something you see in a store window, receiving personalized gifts is more memorable. It is definitely related to your relationship with the person and that is something you just do not forget that easy. Check out our collection at gifts4baby and get your own personalized giraffe art gift one for a baby that you love.  

You can buy this personalised giraffe Christening / Baptism gift here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We Love Cows!

One of my most popular Personalised Christening posters on is my Cow Bus Tour personalised print. It is really fun and is personalised with baby's name, date of birth Christening date and family names, godparents can also be added

I used to sell a cow door sign, which was also very popular, I stopped selling it a while back, not sure why I did! I am going to bring this door sign and add more cow art to my Christening art range and personalised baby gift range at

My most popular cow art has to be my hand painted cow vases and plates, I sold (way back!), from my shop in the trendy craft centre, Urbana, Temple Bar. I had a small shop in this craft complex, I loved being there and sold very successfully. My most popular seller was my cow vase.

Recently, I was clearing out my old work room and came across a photo of one of my popular hand painted cow vases and a lovely illustration by my artist friend Shane Johnson. Shane created this art piece after spending time standing in for me on my shop.

I love it! What a great work of art. It has taken a long time (Shane painted this in 1999) but is going up on my wall, beside a art canvas Shane did for me for my birthday ( way back too! :).

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Adding Colour to the Nursery

Nursery decorations are one of those things that parents start even before the birth of their child. The idea is to create a perfect place for your baby to live in its early years. A newborn baby spends most of its time laying in a small bed and observing its surroundings. That’s why it is extremely important to create an exciting, colourful, unique, and educational space for the baby. 

Lively Wall Art

Carla is an Irish illustrator, with excellent drawing skills. Her works of art are extremely famous for being unique. When you are decorating a nursery for your child, you will need to create an environment in which your child stays busy. The wall art pieces by Carla have lively colours that will catch your baby’s attention. The most part of her art is based on animal drawings and illustrations with a splash of colours. Adding pictures to the nursery makes the place stand-out and keeps the baby engaged. Her wallpapers and wall art can be bought as baby gifts on christening or various other events. 

Height Charts

Another fun thing to add to the nursery is a height chart. Do not leave the walls empty and boring. Try to add colours and matter to it by buying creative e-height charts from Gifts4baby. A height chart is of great importance, especially since your baby is in its growing age. Height charts are perfect for baby gifts that can be pasted on the nursery wall. These charts have cute animal illustrations and can be personalised upon request. You can choose to add your baby’s name to the chart to give a unique feel.

Creative Wall Plaques

At Gifts4baby, you can buy a variety of nursery items including the most popular wall plaques. Carla’s handmade wall plaques will add colour and liveliness to your baby’s nursery. These wall plaques have colourful drawings of animals that also serve an educational purpose. These plaques can be pasted to walls for your baby to observe and get familiar with the different concepts of Christianity, in a fun and exciting way. These plaques are a perfect gift on a christening ceremony or the child’s first birthday. Carla adds the baby’s personal details to the plaques and gives them a more personalised feel. 
The wall plaques are printed on a 3mm pvc and laminated to keep the work of art safe. If you have a wall plaque concept in your mind, let Carla know and she will design it for you.

Making the Baby’s Space Look Energetic

Decorating a nursery can become complicated if you are unable to find appropriate art pieces and accessories for it. Gifts4Baby has the solution to all your nursery decoration problems. The decorative items available on the website are all made by the highly talented illustrator Carla Daly. Her personalised gift items give meaning to anything that you buy for a newly born.
If you want more choice on baby gift items then feel free to log on to Gifts4Baby.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Personalised Baby Gifts – The Perfect Way to Celebrate

Are you looking for a personalised baby gift for your sister or friend who just entered the magical world of motherhood? This calls for a celebration! You want to shower the new arrival with gifts, and want to make the parents feel special. What is better than getting a personalised baby gift? Personalised gifts make the recipient feel important. They are remembered for long time and the sweet memories can be cherished even by the baby, when he or she grows up.

Personalised baby gifts can be created at home but the process can be tiresome and time-consuming; such gifts also lack the professional touch. You can shop for personalised baby gifts online, which can save your time. There is a variety of personalised baby gifts available at Gifts4Baby, created by artist Carla Daly.

Gifts4Baby offers different personalised baby gifts like baby growth charts, 4 and 5 letters mobile, personalised keepsakes, and personalised cartoon posters. These are also unique as they cannot be purchased anywhere else in Ireland.

Personalised Baby Growth Charts

It is exciting to see your baby growing day by day. Baby growth charts help you to monitor how fast your baby is growing. Personalised baby growth charts can have your kid’s name, age, and date of birth printed on it. Personalised baby growth charts are available at Gifts4baby. They are easy to hang and are laminated to increase the durability of the product. Baby growth charts are available in different styles to suit your child like, the baby giraffe growth chart, and the dinosaur growth chart.
4 and 5 letter mobiles

Gifts4Baby offers 4 and 5 letter mobiles, which can be personalised to have the name of your baby printed on it. These 4 and 5 letter mobiles are baby wall-art pieces with bright colours and cartoon characters printed on them. The letters are printed on laminated card which is very durable. These 4 and 5 letter mobiles, made by Carla Daly, can be a beautiful addition to your baby’s nursery.

Personalised Baptism Keepsakes

Personalised baptism keepsakes are perfect to commemorate the beautiful occasion of the arrival of your baby. This baby wall-art is illustrated by Carla Day. This keepsake can be personalised with baby’s name, date of birth, mother’s name, father’s name, and baby’s weight printed on it. It is available in different styles with vibrant colours.

Personalised Nursery Art

Personalised nursery art posters are available at Gifts4Baby to make the learning journey of your baby more enjoyable and pleasant. You can get your child name printed on it. It can be framed in three colours; white, pink, and blue. 
This personalised nursery art is first printed on acrylic and then on a high-quality art paper.
Gifts4Baby makes it easy for you to choose personalised baby gifts for your family and friends. These personalised baby gifts, designed by Carla Daly, are just right to celebrate the important events that occur in a child’s life. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Personalised Cow Wall Print
A baby’s first birthday is an exciting time for parents and family members. The first year of a baby’s life is filled with many joys and surprises. Every parent throws a grand party to celebrate this special occasion. If you know someone in your family or friends with a baby whose first birthday is coming up, congratulations! You will definitely want to give a baby gift that is a perfect match to this special occasion. But doing so is not always a piece of cake because there are so many options to choose from.

Here are some amazing birthday gift ideas that make for a perfect baby gift.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys make perfect birthday gifts for kids of every age. There is a lot of variety to choose from. For baby boys, you may choose stuffed teddy bears or bunny rabbits. For baby girls, stuffed dolls make perfect birthday gifts.

Nursery Furniture

Nursery furniture like high chair or play table, make perfect birthday gifts. Nursery furniture is available in many bold and vibrant colours. This makes a perfect first birthday gift not only for the baby but it also can bring a smile to the new parents.

Educational Toys

A one year old child wants to learn new things about the world around him. Educational toys can be a great gift for first birthdays because a child can have a great deal of enjoyment and learning from these toys.


This is probably the most popular idea when it comes to buying gifts for a baby. You may go for a sleeping outfit for the baby or may be cardigans and sweaters.


Comforters and blankets can be a great idea for first birthday gift. They not only provide the comfort and warmth a child needs, but also will be warmly appreciated by the parents.

Baby Gift Basket

If you are not sure of giving any one item as a birthday gift, you may go for a baby gift basket. A baby gift basket should contain goodies like toys, diapers, wipes etc.

Photo Album

Making a photo album of the little one is a creative idea for the first birthday. This kind of gift can be treasured and it will be appreciated for many years to come by parents and the kid.

Kids Door Sign

Personalised Baby Gifts

Personalised baby gifts are always appreciated because they bring a sense of individuality and uniqueness. You can personalise almost anything that you choose as a gift. Consider embroidering the baby’s name on a blanket or a stuffed toy, or get the baby’s name carved on a wooden high chair.
Gifts4Baby offers a range of personalised baby gifts like personalised growth charts, personalised baby wall art, personalised nursery art, personalised door signs, and personalised name mobiles. All these make amazing presents for a baby’s first birthday.
Carla Daly, an Irish artist, has designed all these personalised baby gifts. These high quality personalised baby gifts have vibrant colours and attractive design, which can catch anyone’s eye. Choose your favourite personalised baby gift from Gifts4Baby and get it delivered at your doorstep for free!

Personalised Giraffe Kids Height Chart

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Personalised Gifts for a New Member of the Family

When a family welcomes a little baby, everyone seems to be enjoying the time. The happiness that comes with a child is incomparable and everyone in the family buys gifts to pamper the little one. Families organise several events and ceremonies for the newly born and everyone comes bearing a gift. A standard gift item isn’t as exciting as a personalised one. Personalised baby gifts are solely for the child and can be customised with the baby’s name, birth date, and other details. Such a gift remains close to heart and stays with the family forever. 

Baby Art 

Carla Daly is an Irish illustrator in Ireland that specialises in illustrating gifts for the little ones. Her skills of art are outstanding and her personalised baby gifts are extremely unique. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a colourful poster printed with your baby’s name, date-of-birth, parent’s name, and other details on it? Such a gift never goes out of fashion can be saved until the baby grows up to see it. Carla uses vibrant colours that catch a baby’s attention. Her art work contains colourful animals and illustrations that are not meaningless. Each piece is designed to make the child familiar to different numbers, letters, words, and objects, so that the baby can learn quickly. If you have any design in your mind, let Carla know and she will make a perfect art piece for your child’s room.

Door Signs

Adding a little excitement and creativity to your baby’s room is what every mother loves. If you are in the process of designing a room for your child then why not get a cute little door sign for the toddler. Carle designs personalised door signs with a splash of colours and personal details. The door sign will have the baby’s name with cute little sentences. Whether it is a boy or a girl, Carla designs door signs drawing appropriate animals on it. 

Name Mobiles

What can be more interesting than a colourful mobile hanging from the ceiling of your baby’s room? Babies are extremely anxious and love to observe things, especially the ones that are moving, colourful, or different. Hence, the best gift for a baby is a hanging name mobile designed by Carla. These mobiles have the alphabets of the baby’s name followed by animals and objects that start with that alphabet. Not only are these mobiles creative, they’re quite educational too.  

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Emotions Loaded With A Gift For A Baby

Life brings many exciting moments for everyone, and there’s nothing better than celebrating such lovely moments with family, and making such moments even more delightful with gifts. A baby’s birth is one of the most magical and exciting moments. Friends and family of the blessed parents can contribute in making the occasion happier, and make it more enjoyable with gifts.
A gift for a baby is more of a gift to the parents. Therefore, getting a gift with thoughts, emotions, wishes, and excitement is quite important to convey your sentiments to the beautiful family. 

Difficult To Find The Right Gift

You have shopped for your friends a hundred times in your life, but when it comes to buying a gift for their baby, your mind might just go blank. The baby is really small, so might not be able to enjoy the gift him or herself, and that might puzzle you even more. So should you get something for the parents instead? But then, what about the baby?

You should get something that conveys your emotions, your happiness on the birth of the baby, and your feelings for the baby’s parents. The trick to getting a gift at a reasonable price and with a personalised touch is to get an art gift made by the artist Carla Daly in Dublin. With her attention to detail, her cute, and dainty art works make great gifts for a baby.


A baby shower or a baby’s christening event are very special and fun events, to get together, celebrate a baby’s birth. Usually, other guests to the event also bring along some gifts for the baby, and you must take one too, to convey your best wishes on the baby’s birth, and to share the happiness of the baby’s family. It would do you great, if you get a personalized funky art work with the baby’s name on it on the Christening, as it will truly delight the baby’s parents and would look great when put up in a baby’s nursery or bedroom. 

Gift Idea

Personalised item make the best gifts, and you probably know this well. However, you might not know where to get a personalized gift for a baby. Gifts4Baby is one place where you can choose from an assortment of gifts for the baby. You can choose a cute wall plaque, a handmade baby’s name mobile, a height chart, or a lovely nursery art picture too. 
You cannot only add a baby’s name but you can add in other details to the nursery art, or other art works by Carla Daly. Moreover, it’s not difficult at all, you just have to log onto Gifts4Baby, choose the gift that you would love to give to the baby, add in the detail such as baby’s name, weight, height, mother’s name, father’s name etc., and continue to checkout. You would be amazed to see how nicely Carla adds in such details to the baby’s gift. What’s more you can even get a frame to put up the art work on a wall.
What gifts do you like best for babies? Share your comments and opinions with us. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Setting Up the Nursery for Your Baby

Designing and setting up a nursery for the baby can be very exciting for new parents. Parents, especially the first-time parents, want it to be perfect for their baby; therefore, the task may become daunting and tiring.
The most important element in a baby’s nursery is the wall-art. Art is known to be a stimulating factor in a child’s development. It is, therefore, important to carefully select such colours, textures and shapes that have a positive impact on your baby’s growth. 

Colours can greatly impact the look and feel of the nursery. The world of colours goes beyond pink and blue. Colour psychology helps us understand how colours can affect a child’s development. Some colours have a stimulating effect while others may relax the child.

Green Nursery Art
Green is a very relaxing colour. It promotes the feeling of peace and relaxes the child. It is a gender-neutral colour; therefore, this colour can be used for both boys and girls.
Carla Daly has designed this beautiful green coloured nursery art, named Dancing Sheep nursery art. You can use this piece in your baby’s nursery if you want your baby to remain calm and relaxed.

Blue Nursery Art
Blue colour produces a calming effect on the nerves. It is best used when mixed with some neutral colours like white and cream. It is best to use blue colour in lighter shades for a nursery.
Gifts4Baby has this Whale Splash nursery poster, which can be a perfect piece for your baby boy’s nursery. This poster can be framed in different colours to enhance the calming effect.

Yellow Nursery Art
If you want your baby to be active and intelligent, you should choose yellow-coloured wall art for your baby’s nursery. Yellow colour increases the muscular activity, and makes the child intellectually strong. One drawback of using yellow colour in nursery is that babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.

Carla Daly offers Yellow door sign with two cute giraffes. Since, yellow is a gender neutral colour, it can be used for both baby girl and baby boy’s nursery.

Red Nursery Art
Red is a colour which brings a feeling of warmth. A terracotta red tone or brick earthy red is best suited for a baby’s nursery.
Gifts4Baby features this Playground Christening Poster with a dominant red tone. This print showing a playground can enhance your baby’s motor development.
Gifts4Baby offers baby wall-art in all colours and shades. The best thing about Gifts4Baby wall art is that they can be personalised. You can create an awesome nursery for your baby by ordering from Gifts4Baby. Create a place for your baby, which can enhance the development of your baby and aid in a restful sleep.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Best Gifts to Choose For a Baby

Won’t it be amazing if you get a unique gift for the newest addition to your family? When it comes to buying gifts for a baby, it’s the thought that counts, and not the money.
It’s not necessary that you should get the typical stuffed toys, or the baby seat, or the baby chair. These are the most common and ordinary baby gifts. Remember, the addition of a new baby to the family means there must be new changes in the house. So why don’t you get wall plaques, or nursery art gifts? They would be something different, cute, and thoughtful too. And would definitely make the baby’s home brighter.

Nursery Art

Nursery Art would be a great choice, for the kid’s nursery or bedroom walls. Every nursery art picture by Carla Daly, the artist based in Dublin, is of 30x40cm, and full of so many colours that can instantly enliven any wall. You can choose from a good collection of nursery art, for a new baby, it is the animals and colours that attract the most, and the personalized nursery art pictures of dancing sheep, 30x40cm whale splash, and circus lion etc. are truly going to excite the baby.
Name Gifts 
You can think about getting a name gift too. The parents would love a name gift, and others would too, as the beloved baby’s name on it would really charm them. Name mobiles, and wall prints with the baby’s names are all hand made by Carla, when she gets the orders. Each letter of the baby’s name is adorably printed with a cute fun animal picture. 
You can choose to get a name art on a name art mobile, which you could hang from anywhere, and it would revolve. On a name mobile, the letters are printed on both the sides, so that when the name mobile revolved around, it can be seen from all the sides. You don’t need to worry about the durability; each letter is laminated, and hangs from a cord.
You can also choose to get a name wall print that the parents can stick to the baby’s bedroom wall, with the sticky pads that come along with it. 
No matter how many letters are in the name of the baby, Carla will be able to work her art magic for the baby.

Wall Plaques

Gifts4baby has exquisite wall plaques that would add magic to any wall in a baby’s nursery. These fun wall plaques are printed on a 3 mm PVC and can easily be attached to any wall without any frame. Moreover, you don’t even need to worry about durability, as the wall plaques too are durably laminated before being delivered. You can take a cute wall plaque on the baby’s christening, or birth, and provide Carla with the baby’s personal detail that Carla will happily add to personalize the wall plaque for the baby’s wall.
Which nursery art did you like the best? Let us know what you think, and provide us your ideas for creative wall plaques.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Perfect Christening Gifts For The Newborn Baby

Have you been invited to a Christening ceremony, and are thinking about the perfect gift to take that would convey your best wishes to the baby and the parents? If yes, you have come to the right place.
Being invited to a christening ceremony means that the family of the baby holds you in high regard. Realising that christenings are a special event, you must consider buying a thoughtful gift for the family. The gift should be meaningful for the family and at the same time, one that would delight the baby too.
When you set out to hunt for the perfect christening gift, you are likely to be confused as to what you should get. You might come across a couple of items, some may be over priced, some may not be that cute, and some may just not come up to your gift standards. What to do in that case? 
Take a look at what Gifts4Baby has to offer to you!
Personalised Gifts

A little effort you make to get a personalised gift for the baby will definitely pay off, as it would show your thoughtfulness and love for the toddler. Won’t the parents just love it when they see their child’s name exclusively written on the gift, along with the baby’s weight, length, and date of birth too? A standard gift item can never beat a personalised gift anyway.
Funky and cute gifts

A baby is attracted by colours, so why not get a gift that would make the little one smile? A colourful artistic poster, with cute cartoons in funky dresses, is definitely worth putting up in a baby’s nursery. A personalized and beautiful work of art will present the child’s nursery with its timeless touch, and would surely stick there for a good many years to cheer the baby, becoming a family keepsake as well perhaps. Won’t you like to buy a special gift like that for your best friend’s baby, or your sweet little niece?


Artwork always shows your good taste. Therefore, you must consider the personalized artworks that Carla at Gifts4Baby designs to be purchased as christening presents for a newborn baby and their family. 
The unique christening art gifts
Let’s tell you a bit about the unique christening art posters that will serve as worthwhile gifts for the christening ceremony.

The Noah’s Ark Christening Gift 

This is a unique gift illustrated by a profoundly relative Irish artist, Carla Daly. It is a large poster print bedecked in lively colours, showing cute animal cartoons such as sheep, lions, hippos, cows, giraffes, and elephants on an ark.  

The Cow Poster Gift 

This one is a really cute poster with cow cartoons all over it, waving from a bus, and standing along a road sign that mentions all the birth details of the cuddly bundle of joy that has landed on Earth. The cow bus also mentions a welcome to the new baby.

How to get the Gifts

You just have to log on to Gifts4Baby, choose the christening gift that seems perfect to you, read the reviews, fill in the personalized information that you want to be there on the art poster, choose a frame if you like, add it to your cart, and proceed to check out.
It’s as simple as that! You will be glad to know that Gifts4Baby also offers free delivery on anything you get. 
We are sure you will fall in love with the gifts that you get for the baby. Don’t forget to share the reaction of the baby’s parents when you surprise them!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Personalised Cow Christening & New Baby Art

Personalised Cow Christening & New Baby Art from Ireland's leading baby gifts shop
Painted by artist Carla Daly this cow wall art is sent to the printers to be printed on high quality art watercolour paper. 

On placing your order, our artist Carla Daly hand personalises your wall print with baby's name, date of birth, weight, mum's name, dad's name, brother's name and sister's name, Carla also adds hospital name and home address, The personalisation is completed to fit in creatively with your personalised baby's art print.

This Personalised Cow Christening & New Baby Art is unique to as you won't find these unique personalised baby gifts and Christening gifts elsewhere in Ireland.

You can choose to frame your print in a white, pink or blue frame, you can opt to frame or not to frame on the product page. This product is an affordable, hand finished gift to celebrate your baby's birth or baby's Christening day.

At we offer free shipping within Ireland and Worldwide!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy New Year! Let's start the New Year with a framed personalised giveaway from
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To win go to my Facebook page LIKE and SHARE this page - Carla Daly Children's Wall ArtEach print is hand personalised with baby's name, date of birth, Christening date, family names and more!

At we sell the art of Irish artist Carla Daly.  Carla's range of personalised baby gifts and Christening gifts feature her much loved personalised nursery art. Each print is hand personalised with baby's name, date of birth, weight, hospital name, Christening date, home address and if you like, you add any extra information you might have. A one of a kind Christening gift, baby gift or 1st birthday gift.