Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We Love Cows!

One of my most popular Personalised Christening posters on is my Cow Bus Tour personalised print. It is really fun and is personalised with baby's name, date of birth Christening date and family names, godparents can also be added

I used to sell a cow door sign, which was also very popular, I stopped selling it a while back, not sure why I did! I am going to bring this door sign and add more cow art to my Christening art range and personalised baby gift range at

My most popular cow art has to be my hand painted cow vases and plates, I sold (way back!), from my shop in the trendy craft centre, Urbana, Temple Bar. I had a small shop in this craft complex, I loved being there and sold very successfully. My most popular seller was my cow vase.

Recently, I was clearing out my old work room and came across a photo of one of my popular hand painted cow vases and a lovely illustration by my artist friend Shane Johnson. Shane created this art piece after spending time standing in for me on my shop.

I love it! What a great work of art. It has taken a long time (Shane painted this in 1999) but is going up on my wall, beside a art canvas Shane did for me for my birthday ( way back too! :).