Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Follow My Blog!

I am thinking about my blog. My one fascination with my blog is my followers, how to get more of them, keep them interested, even keep myself interested! So I googled - How to get more blog followers. I came across articles about bloggers versus twitterers, and questions like - Would you prefer more blog followers than twitter followers? And finally- I came across blog hopping. Have you ever heard of blog hopping?

Good god, my head is swimming. I used to just paint in my workroom and send my work off by post (snail mail) to a children's publisher. The most exciting piece of equipment in my work room was a £200 phone/fax machine, now I can't live with out my computer, my blogging, my twittering and my facebooking!

I am a reluctant social networking animal! So, show me little blog love and leave a comment or even start to follow. If you have your own blog send a link so I can hop over to your blog and have a look.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reprinted Products

What have I done for the last week? Time seems to be flying by. Basically, I have been busy reprinting some product, I have moved printers and my new printer is great. He has reprinted my kids world maps, they used to be 35cm I have enlarged them to 40 cm and it makes all the difference. They are printed on a heavy card and stick directly to the wall with the sticky pads provided.
I also have produced a world map mobile, it looks amazing. It is 40cm and printed on the flat, with the two sides of the world printed on each side. It hangs from the ceiling with the cord provided.
My main focus at the moment is to paint some new pictures for your kids to enjoy. It is getting harder and harder to find the time for my creativity, I have worked up some new rough ideas, I just have to find the time to bring them to life!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kids Door Signs

Wow, I have been busy! My recent advertising campaign on Google is really kicking in, it's great! As well as getting orders out I am trying to work on new product. My last post was about my new
kids sticker range, this post is about my new kids door signs. I revamped the range as the old door signs I had were good but needed some work. So I got working! And here is the result, a complete new range of kids door signs!

They are A4 in size, 21x30 cm and are printed on a 3mm hard card which is then laminated for durability. Sticky pads are attached to the back for easy attachment to your kids door.

I have only had them up a week and they are selling really well.
What do you think? Which is your favorite?

For my USA, EU & World clients you can purchase my door signs here for my UK clients here

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sticker Mania

Well I do feel a little manic! I have been working on a new range of kids stickers for my kids wall sticker category and they have taken me ages to do! My alphabet wall stickers sell very well, these are a large vinyl sticker and the 26 of them take up a lot of wall space. With my new range I wanted to create a cheaper range made of paper. They are printed on an A3 sheet and there are 12 stickers per sheet. They are 9.5cm in size.

They idea was to have an animal and a sound associated with the animal. Some were hard to do, so some artistic license was needed on those ones! I think they are fun, colorful stickers for kids or babies and can be used on doors, walls, books, bedheads, windows, lunch boxes etc!

These new stickers can be purchased for my American and EU clients here and my UK clients here.