Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Follow My Blog!

I am thinking about my blog. My one fascination with my blog is my followers, how to get more of them, keep them interested, even keep myself interested! So I googled - How to get more blog followers. I came across articles about bloggers versus twitterers, and questions like - Would you prefer more blog followers than twitter followers? And finally- I came across blog hopping. Have you ever heard of blog hopping?

Good god, my head is swimming. I used to just paint in my workroom and send my work off by post (snail mail) to a children's publisher. The most exciting piece of equipment in my work room was a £200 phone/fax machine, now I can't live with out my computer, my blogging, my twittering and my facebooking!

I am a reluctant social networking animal! So, show me little blog love and leave a comment or even start to follow. If you have your own blog send a link so I can hop over to your blog and have a look.