Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sticker Mania

Well I do feel a little manic! I have been working on a new range of kids stickers for my kids wall sticker category and they have taken me ages to do! My alphabet wall stickers sell very well, these are a large vinyl sticker and the 26 of them take up a lot of wall space. With my new range I wanted to create a cheaper range made of paper. They are printed on an A3 sheet and there are 12 stickers per sheet. They are 9.5cm in size.

They idea was to have an animal and a sound associated with the animal. Some were hard to do, so some artistic license was needed on those ones! I think they are fun, colorful stickers for kids or babies and can be used on doors, walls, books, bedheads, windows, lunch boxes etc!

These new stickers can be purchased for my American and EU clients here and my UK clients here.