Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Adding Colour to the Nursery

Nursery decorations are one of those things that parents start even before the birth of their child. The idea is to create a perfect place for your baby to live in its early years. A newborn baby spends most of its time laying in a small bed and observing its surroundings. That’s why it is extremely important to create an exciting, colourful, unique, and educational space for the baby. 

Lively Wall Art

Carla is an Irish illustrator, with excellent drawing skills. Her works of art are extremely famous for being unique. When you are decorating a nursery for your child, you will need to create an environment in which your child stays busy. The wall art pieces by Carla have lively colours that will catch your baby’s attention. The most part of her art is based on animal drawings and illustrations with a splash of colours. Adding pictures to the nursery makes the place stand-out and keeps the baby engaged. Her wallpapers and wall art can be bought as baby gifts on christening or various other events. 

Height Charts

Another fun thing to add to the nursery is a height chart. Do not leave the walls empty and boring. Try to add colours and matter to it by buying creative e-height charts from Gifts4baby. A height chart is of great importance, especially since your baby is in its growing age. Height charts are perfect for baby gifts that can be pasted on the nursery wall. These charts have cute animal illustrations and can be personalised upon request. You can choose to add your baby’s name to the chart to give a unique feel.

Creative Wall Plaques

At Gifts4baby, you can buy a variety of nursery items including the most popular wall plaques. Carla’s handmade wall plaques will add colour and liveliness to your baby’s nursery. These wall plaques have colourful drawings of animals that also serve an educational purpose. These plaques can be pasted to walls for your baby to observe and get familiar with the different concepts of Christianity, in a fun and exciting way. These plaques are a perfect gift on a christening ceremony or the child’s first birthday. Carla adds the baby’s personal details to the plaques and gives them a more personalised feel. 
The wall plaques are printed on a 3mm pvc and laminated to keep the work of art safe. If you have a wall plaque concept in your mind, let Carla know and she will design it for you.

Making the Baby’s Space Look Energetic

Decorating a nursery can become complicated if you are unable to find appropriate art pieces and accessories for it. Gifts4Baby has the solution to all your nursery decoration problems. The decorative items available on the website are all made by the highly talented illustrator Carla Daly. Her personalised gift items give meaning to anything that you buy for a newly born.
If you want more choice on baby gift items then feel free to log on to Gifts4Baby.