Friday, February 6, 2015

The Perfect Christening Gifts For The Newborn Baby

Have you been invited to a Christening ceremony, and are thinking about the perfect gift to take that would convey your best wishes to the baby and the parents? If yes, you have come to the right place.
Being invited to a christening ceremony means that the family of the baby holds you in high regard. Realising that christenings are a special event, you must consider buying a thoughtful gift for the family. The gift should be meaningful for the family and at the same time, one that would delight the baby too.
When you set out to hunt for the perfect christening gift, you are likely to be confused as to what you should get. You might come across a couple of items, some may be over priced, some may not be that cute, and some may just not come up to your gift standards. What to do in that case? 
Take a look at what Gifts4Baby has to offer to you!
Personalised Gifts

A little effort you make to get a personalised gift for the baby will definitely pay off, as it would show your thoughtfulness and love for the toddler. Won’t the parents just love it when they see their child’s name exclusively written on the gift, along with the baby’s weight, length, and date of birth too? A standard gift item can never beat a personalised gift anyway.
Funky and cute gifts

A baby is attracted by colours, so why not get a gift that would make the little one smile? A colourful artistic poster, with cute cartoons in funky dresses, is definitely worth putting up in a baby’s nursery. A personalized and beautiful work of art will present the child’s nursery with its timeless touch, and would surely stick there for a good many years to cheer the baby, becoming a family keepsake as well perhaps. Won’t you like to buy a special gift like that for your best friend’s baby, or your sweet little niece?


Artwork always shows your good taste. Therefore, you must consider the personalized artworks that Carla at Gifts4Baby designs to be purchased as christening presents for a newborn baby and their family. 
The unique christening art gifts
Let’s tell you a bit about the unique christening art posters that will serve as worthwhile gifts for the christening ceremony.

The Noah’s Ark Christening Gift 

This is a unique gift illustrated by a profoundly relative Irish artist, Carla Daly. It is a large poster print bedecked in lively colours, showing cute animal cartoons such as sheep, lions, hippos, cows, giraffes, and elephants on an ark.  

The Cow Poster Gift 

This one is a really cute poster with cow cartoons all over it, waving from a bus, and standing along a road sign that mentions all the birth details of the cuddly bundle of joy that has landed on Earth. The cow bus also mentions a welcome to the new baby.

How to get the Gifts

You just have to log on to Gifts4Baby, choose the christening gift that seems perfect to you, read the reviews, fill in the personalized information that you want to be there on the art poster, choose a frame if you like, add it to your cart, and proceed to check out.
It’s as simple as that! You will be glad to know that Gifts4Baby also offers free delivery on anything you get. 
We are sure you will fall in love with the gifts that you get for the baby. Don’t forget to share the reaction of the baby’s parents when you surprise them!