Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tea For Two!

My cow teapot and cups

This photo was sent to me today by my brother, he and his partner Helen had been drinking tea fron my cow teapot and cup. I am presuming Paul's cup is the skull and crossbones and Helen the cows. Not that I am connecting Helen with cows in anyway, but I am connecting Paul to the skull and crossbones! I used to sell these cow teapots and mugs from my shop in Temple Bar, brings me back :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

And Another One!


Carla Daly Art 

This is my third website completed in a month! It is really small but it gives you a taster of my work. CarlaDalyArt.ie is a small view of the work I have done in the past and hope to do in the future! From kids publishing, to kids wall decor to my hand painted vases I used to sell in Urbana, Temple Bar, Dublin. 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Weebly & Me

www.babyartgifts.co.uk - Selling Christening gifts, baby gifts, personalised baby gifts & Baptism gifts.

Illustrated By Artist Carla Daly

Welcome to my online shop. Browse through a my range of personalised baby art gifts. My illustrated art gifts celebrate baby's birth, christening day, baptism day, 1st birthday and all other baby occasions! Happy Shopping!
- Carla Daly -0844202 0382 

I have been designing websites and after a failed attempt with WIX I moved to Weebly. I have to say Weebly is amazing, really simple to use and supposedly great for SEO with the search engines. I moved away from WIX as I read that it wasn't great for SEO. I thjought WIX was amazing for design and easy to use but SEO is the most important thing for my business!

I have decided to launch these two new sites as I want to develop a greater web presence. I hope it works!

Would love to know your thoughts on them

HTTP://WWW.KIDSNURSERYART.CO.UK  - Selling nursery art, kids wall art, kids height charts and educational art.

Browse through a range of large wall prints for your kids bedroom walls. Your kids will love these fun animals decorating their walls! Add a white frame to put a finish to your art and it is ready to hang on your kids wall. We offer free shipping on all orders in the U.K and worldwide! A great gift for a kids birthday!

Kids  & NurseryWall Art