Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Hold

I feel about as creative as a frog!

I am temporary on hold at the moment, creatively I mean! My online sales are going well but creatively my art is on hold. I am building a new art studio in my new house, and I feel this will be inspiration for new art ideas. It is a lovely studio and hopefully I should be in it by September (forever the optimist!). So while my creative life is on hold and I am running around trying to pull a house together, my blogging, twitter etc have also come to a grinding halt. My sales online at and are still in full swing so if you order a print don't worry I am working hard on my shop and dispatching orders.

So, please excuse me if my blogging has got a little slow but I will be doing lots of new work in September and will be posting photos of my new art studio. Oh I can't wait!