Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pop Up Books

I am really tired! Yes, I have finally done the big move. It nearly killed me! I had to clean the house I was moving into from top to bottom, to get rid of all the builders dust, I then had to clean the house we moved out from. On top of all this myself and my brother are getting work done on my Dad's house. I am starting to think I need big projects to feel complete!

My mother was a hoarder and while emptying out my Dad's house we were brought back to our early years with some of things she had collected. One thing I found which I thought I might share with you was a pop up book I created during college. I always loved pop up books and would love to have done one commercially but it never happened. So here in my handmade, one of a kind, pop up book- Count with Warty Witch!

I remember this being quite a difficult project but I loved every minute of it. When I left college I had a Warty Witch book published by Oxford University Press. I never made any money on it but she was a great character to illustrate.