Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Kids Colouring Pages

I am finding it very hard to keep up with my blog, twittering etc. I just don't seem to find the time, things have been very busy! I have found time to illustrate some pages that your kids can download and colour in. I have only uploaded them to my kids wall art site as unfortunately I haven't found the time to upload it to my .com nursery art site yet, sorry! Also, I have only created two images and want to add more. Yes, when I get the time!!!!

I decided to offer free downloads after my daughters birthday party. I did an art party for 12 kids and it went down really well. I had a silent party for an hour and a half! The just got stuck in and were totally absorbed in colouring the pictures I had created for them, finally we had to drag them away from the colouring to get them dancing!

So, I decided to spread my art love to your kids with these free downloads, watch this space as there is more to come!