Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, my version of recycling! I sometimes create pieces that I love, then decide I hate, then a year later decide that I do like it but it needs more work. My three new growth charts are an example of this. It was like the original finished art just wasn't quite complete and I come back to finish it, this might be up to a year later!

Giraffe - growth chart is just a simple version of my original giraffe growth chart. I wil now be selling both on my site as my original giraffe growth chart is one of my best sellers.

Cool Cats - growth chart has been selling on my site for a while, I just needed to give it a facelift and now it will be sold in the above format.

Animal Friends - growth chart I used to sell on my website, it was very popular, then for some reason, that I can't remember, I stopped selling it. I recently came across it in my files and decided to offer it for sale again on my site.

All the above growth charts will be available on my site for Christmas.