Saturday, December 6, 2008


I came across Ritzenhoff glasses when travelling in Europe, I thought they were amazing! A few years later I was asked to design a children's milk glass for Ritzenhoff. I was very excited to be designing for this massive company. The brief arrived and what a design brief it was! They really know their design and this brief was like nothing I had seen before, pure style! A sample glass arrived with little booklets of different products they produce, and a very detailed explanation of how the design should be layed out.

They want to encourage kids to drink milk, they like the milk in the glass to show through the design. I designed a group of hippos surfing and the milk can be seen through the surf in the sea and the clouds behind the hippos. My milk glass design was printed and looked great! They work on a royalty basis which was fine. My only complaint is, they ask lots of designers to submit ideas and most of them are rejected, they don't pay for this, and unlike Threadless they don't exhibit the submitted ideas. They are amazing products though!

Above is my milk design and click here to see my Ritzenhoff profile.