Monday, June 15, 2009


I am on my holidays in Transylvania posting this blog, I am having a great time by the way! One of my winners of my Zebra competition just emailed me with a link to her blog showing her and her winnings. I just thought I would share this with you, as it was such a nice thing for her to do.

Here is her winning entry

1. I love it, if I didn't why would I apply for this.
2. The illustration is really cute.
3. I can't find anything like it here.
4. I accidentally linked to your blog via Mundo and really love it.
5. Not my fault if I love it, your illustrations do.
6. There are 6 zebras there.
7. I think that prints going to look really cool at my bedroom.
8. and I think, I'll be able to showing it off to my little nephews & nieces.
9. Because I just can't copy paste the JPEG from your website and print it
on my own, cause it doesn't taste original; while I prefer the original flavor.
10. I love colors.
11. Zebra smells bad but those in this print must be smells good.
12. Today is 5th of June, just a day before the competition ends.
13. There's a name of yours under the butt of the sitting zebra.
14. I'm amazed by how strong your name does, that it can hold on a zebra.
15. I wonder, do zebra celebrate its sweet sixteen?
16. Zebra most mysterious thing is : is it a white dwarf horse with black
stripes or a black dwarf horse with white stripes?
17. Do you know Marty from Dreamworks' Madagascar movie? He is my favorite character in that movie.
18. Thanks to this Zebra prints competition, I'm getting to know much more
of zebra's interesting facts by browsing it, based on my curiosity.
19. HOAA! Guess what? It says, "Some zebras have brown stripes!" wow o_O, so
it ruins the children's mindset about zebra being black and white.
20. I don't know why I'm writing this, but just feel to share it. Another
fact, "In the wild, zebras live about 20-30 years; up to 40 years at zoos."
21. I've watched "Racing Stripes", starring Hayden Panetirre; also ever
watched a zebra racing with the best running athlete in "Man VS Beast" and
the zebra wins. It proves that zebra does running really fast.
22. I'm 23 years old this year and the zebra print would be a great present,
wouldn't it?
23. There are 24 blooming flowers in that print.
24. I'm supposed to be working right now, but I really need to write these
reasons just so I'll have the chance to win one.
25. Oh, I'm a graphic designer anyway, who doesn't have talent in drawing
and that's why I admire any good drawings/illustrations.
26. Of course, I'll appreciate your art and take a good care of it.
27. You don't have to worry about its safety. It'll be save with me.
28. I've even already have a thought of its inside a glassy white frame.
29. If I win one of it, I'll take pictures with it and publish it in my
30. Number thirty is a perfect number for having a lunch break.
31. ------ going for lunch.
32. ------ ordering a meal.
33. ------ munch. munch. munch.
34. ------ pay the bill.
35. ------ back to work.
36. Okay, let's continue with the reasons.
37. So, there are 4 zebra prints to give away, if I win, I only take 1/4
from the whole 4 prints. :D
38. Those zebras are chubby, so do I.
39. They also have long hair, so do I.
40. Zebra is one of mammal, so do I.
41. I feel more alike with them now.
42. I'm gambling my luck on these zebras.
43. If I had an insomnia at night, by looking through those zebras' stripes
on the prints I'm going to hang on my wall, I might got hypnotized and will easily get sleep.
44. So, that print not only make my bedroom prettier but will also save my life.
45. Because elephants would be too huge.
46. I could never own a zebra.
47. More people are going to be happier, when they see your illustration through my room.
48. I wonder... after the whole office hour writing about zebra beside
working, will I dream about zebra with a tie and pencil on his ear working
in front of a stone table? hahaha....
49. Hey, thanks for reading this far, just another 1 more.
50. Won't 50 reasons is enough for me to win?