Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birth Announcement Prints

Boat Trip
Birth announcement print

When I started to create my prints to sell I didn't realise I would develop such a large online shop. At the time I was torn between selling wholesale into shops or selling directly to my customers online. My online presence developed organically and felt a very natural way to sell my products but when I started I did approach a few retailers and online shops. One lady who ran a very nice shop called really loved my work, at this stage I only had a few prints on offer and we set up a meeting to look at them. She turned me on to the idea of personalising my art. I knew that this was popular in America but didn't think of it for the Irish market, which at the time was the market I was focusing on. I now sell my art worldwide, how things change!

Jungle Fun
Birth Announcement Print

This was the beginning of my birth announcement prints, they are a lovely gift for a newborn. You can add baby's name, date of birth, weight, mum's name, Dad's name, brothers/sisters, hospital details and home address. I also have a box for special instructions as some people like to add grandparents names, cat/dog names etc.

I really love creating these prints and I think they are a wonderful gift for a newborn baby boy or girl. I also offer gift wrap so they can be sent to any location worldwide and shipping is free!

I am offering a 10% discount on some of my birth announcement prints for my U.S and E.U customers at and U.K customers at