Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New work.

I am slowing trying to engage my brain back into the working world! The Christmas break was good but like any holiday it takes a while to get back to work! In the New year I will start to paint more pictures for my Nursery Art category, Baby Keepsake category and Kids Wall Art category category. I have also recently added a new category to my site - Name Art category.

I really like these prints as I use my illustrated alphabet to create the child's name. I also add Mum's name, Dad's name and brother/sister's name and date of birth. Each print is associated with an animal, for example there is a super hero cat whizzing through the sky, the name title of the print is Super Hero - John, Born- 24.2.2010 etc.

These prints take quite a bit of work and are sent off site to be printed, because of this it can take a few days before dispatching but they are worth it!

You can purchase my Name Art on both of my kids wall art site CarlaDaly.com and CarlaDaly.co.uk