Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Follow Me ; - )

Background Illustration for my Twitter page

I wanted to take the time to thank all my followers of this blog, my
Facebook page and on my Twitter page . I recently revived my Facebook page and am now putting up posts on what I am doing during my day. If anyone wants to follow me on Facebook or Twitter it would be much appreciated. At least I won't feel I am writing posts to myself! It is always nice to know there are a few people out there interested in what I have to say. I am also interested in what you have to say so please feel free to write on my wall, or post a message on my Twitter page.

It is a lonely old world as an artist, so, please let me know what you are doing on your Blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I woke this morning to a lovely email from a gentleman in Peru, Ricardo. Ricardo entered my competition for a zebra print and won one for his niece, Micaela. Here is Ricardo and his niece with my zebra print, isn't it nice that they took the time to take a photo and send to me?

I hope Micaela enjoys her print!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birth Announcement Prints

Boat Trip
Birth announcement print

When I started to create my prints to sell I didn't realise I would develop such a large online shop. At the time I was torn between selling wholesale into shops or selling directly to my customers online. My online presence developed organically and felt a very natural way to sell my products but when I started I did approach a few retailers and online shops. One lady who ran a very nice shop called SimplyBaby.ie really loved my work, at this stage I only had a few prints on offer and we set up a meeting to look at them. She turned me on to the idea of personalising my art. I knew that this was popular in America but didn't think of it for the Irish market, which at the time was the market I was focusing on. I now sell my art worldwide, how things change!

Jungle Fun
Birth Announcement Print

This was the beginning of my birth announcement prints, they are a lovely gift for a newborn. You can add baby's name, date of birth, weight, mum's name, Dad's name, brothers/sisters, hospital details and home address. I also have a box for special instructions as some people like to add grandparents names, cat/dog names etc.

I really love creating these prints and I think they are a wonderful gift for a newborn baby boy or girl. I also offer gift wrap so they can be sent to any location worldwide and shipping is free!

I am offering a 10% discount on some of my birth announcement prints for my U.S and E.U customers at CarlaDaly.com and U.K customers at CarlaDaly.co.uk

Saturday, July 4, 2009



It is always nice to return home after a holiday though I feel like I have been treading water for the past week. I went straight into getting my orders out that had mounted up over my holidays and renovating our new house at the same time! We plan to move in August, so I have been working on my online shop and house renovation. Our house project is particularly exciting for me as I will have a new art studio in it. At the moment I work from two places, an art studio where I paint and a packing studio where I pack my orders do admin and computer work etc, etc. I feel my working life is a bit fragmented and can't wait to have everything in one place.
I will post some photos when my studio is finished.

I am having a good sale on both my sites at the moment
CarlaDaly.com and CarlaDaly.co.uk I hope you time to have a look.