Monday, January 18, 2010

Google Adwords

As you know my pet hate in life is seo (search engine optimization). There are a lot of sharks out there in the seo business, and because the average person wouldn't have a clue about keywords, CTR, etc, etc, you really can be taken for a ride, and an expensive one at that!

I have done a lot of my seo myself and have dipped in and out of paying for seo services, some good, some bad. The bad was when I payed for a company to do a Google adwords campaign. They blinded me with terminology and spent my money with very little returns!

Google adwords has always baffled me, I couldn't see how people worked the whole system out! Before Christmas I read an article on a small Irish company who used Google adwords and I thought that this must be something I could use to promtote my online businesses and So I set about doing my campaign.

Wow, it is hard, it has taken me the guts of November, December and still into January to work out my campaign. You have to make your ads informative and interesting to get people's attention. You have to look at your CTR (click through rate) the % of clicks you get, the cost of a click, the relevance of your ads to your keywords and more!

My campaign has run successfully and I have been thrilled with it. I still think I might pay to have it professionally done as in the right hands a company can really benefit from a good Adwords campaign.

I would love to hear from anybody else who uses Google Adwords, any tips to give me?