Friday, January 22, 2010


I was a big swimmer in Zambia, as you can see!

When I was young I lived in Zambia. My dad was positioned there with the Irish airline, Aer Lingus, they were doing work for Zambia airways. We lived there for nearly five years and in the early 80's we moved back to Dublin. I lost contact we everybody I knew there, and over the years there were two people in particular I was eager to have news of. I tried, with no luck to track them down. One, was my my best friend - Juliet Mwanza, the other was one of my first boyfriends - John Lindop. I heard nothing about both of them for over thirty years.

Bradley Cox & John Lindop

Then another old friend from Zambia caught up with me through Facebook and suddenly I received news of them both.
Juliet had died, I was heart broken to hear this news, it really shook me and John lived in Denmark and that was all she knew. Well this week I finally tracked him down, he really was hard to find! He is living in Denmark with his four lovely children and seems very happy, some of his family still live in Africa.

Africa had a lasting effect on my life, I think it shows in my work! So it was great to hear news from the people who made my Africa experience so special.