Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bovine Beauties

Early in my career I had an obsession or maybe I should say a fetish for.... yes, cows! Coming from Ireland you see a lot of cows, as I love to mountain walk I have encountered a few cows in my time. Ireland is very green and I love the black and white contrast of the cows against the greenness of the Irish countryside.

My first successful cow image was an illustration called "Two Cows In A Field" and it was an illustration of just that, two cows in a field! Unfortunately I don't have that image but here are a few other cow designs I have done.

There have been vases, candles, door signs, t-shirts, posters, wrapping paper and ......

Cow Parade. This cow now sits in the Children's Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin. It is really nice to know that kids are getting enjoyment out of it.

This image above is a lovely print, it sells on my website I add baby's birth details to the print by hand. It is a great gift for newborn babies.