Saturday, April 18, 2009

The week that was.

Rough artwork for my next growth chart design.

Wow, my week has been great. Sales on my online shops selling
nursery art have been brisk. So, I am juggling kids, painting, packing and delivering orders, blogging and twittering!

This week on the creative side - I want to create two new illustrations for my growth chart range. I am starting with a circus growth chart and am undecided about the second growth chart illustration. The first illustration I have been painting is on a circus theme, I have been illustrating it for over a week now and still have a lot more work to do.

Crocodile growth chart

You can see a very early rough of my illustration above. This shows you how I start my ideas. I work over and over on a black and white rough until my layout is decided. I then start to paint in the black and white line. For my growth charts I us traditional paint methods with adobe photoshop. I paint the image first and then I add the cm and inches with the adobe photoshop. For this circus growth chart I am also separately painting some animals to run along the side of the chart and these too will be added by adobe photoshop.

I will show you the rough to final art work at a later date. (When I have managed to finish it!)

For my UK clients - I am having a great sale at the moment on my
kids wall art site and there is 20% discount on some of my growth charts.