Monday, March 2, 2009

Growth Charts

I have written about designing and promoting my online shop, I now want to write about my products I sell through my online store. I started my online business producing 30 x 40cm (12" x 16") wall prints for babies nursery rooms and children's bedrooms. I realized very quickly that I needed to offer a wider range of products to my customers.

One product that I was keen to add to my range was illustrated, wall growth charts. The idea of my online shop is to sell affordable art that everyone can enjoy. So, all my products have to be produced for a very reasonable price, have to be lightweight and small for posting. Growth charts are rather large so how would I over come all the above obstacles? I had to design a product that looked great, functioned and could be easily transported.

My first attempt was a paper chart rolled up and posted in a tube. This was okay, but I didn't like that it was rolled and hard for my customer to put up. The second attempt was a folded paper chart which worked really well, but I was not happy that the chart was paper and not really durable enough.
I have finally settled on a durable laminated growth chart. It is printed in sections and reconstructed, so it can fold for posting but when you place your chart on the wall it is just a large piece of fun, functioning wall art!

One of my most popular charts is my giraffe growth chart which you can see here above. I am in the process of painting a new growth chart based on the circus, I will show you the roughs to the final paint stage. It will take a while as it is a large piece of artwork!