Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Googled my name.

I Google my name every now and then to see what is out there about me and what links are linking to my site (well that is my excuse!) I found this old article written about my work and my brother- designer Paul Daly. Above is a photo of Paul's bar in London- Zigfrid.


Sunday, September 17, 2000
Michelle Warren

Carla Daly picks her ultimate home accessory for under £500

Grinning cows, googly-eyed sheep, colourful cityscapes and wild redheads all grace the work of Irish artist Carla Daly but, when it came to choosing her object of desire, the illustrator went for something a little more understated. Her choice was a sleek barstool by London-based furniture, product and interior designer Paul Daly. It is no coincidence that both designers have the same last name -- the creative gene runs in the Daly family. Carla, Paul and their mother Joyce are all designers working in different but complimentary disciplines.

The bar stool from Paul's furniture collection, entitled `How can you just leave me standing?' retails for stg£260. The stools are made of mild steel sheet and tube using a construction method called spinning.

Paul Daly has designed furniture and interiors all over the world -- his projects include the Elbow Room in London. In Ireland he designed the interior of the Dublin nightclub Ri Ra in 1993 and worked with U2 on the Zoo and Pop Mart tours.

More recently he worked on the interior of organic restaurant and juice bar Nude on Suffolk Street, where the stools are actually being used.

Carla Daly says she would love to have four to six of the barstools surrounding a high white kitchen counter: "I love kitchens. I think they are a good focus in the house and, ultimately, I would have a large kitchen. I'd love to have Paul's stools in particular, but I would probably go for more of his products as well."

If Daly had it her way, she would finish the look of her "ultimate kitchen" with some of Paul's plastic and steel Yoho lights which retail for stg£290.

"Our stuff is very different, but in my ultimately designed house, I would love to combine some of his stuff with some of my stuff," she said.

While Paul's work is quite slick, Daly's look is more wacky and colourful. She illustrated children's books, magazines and animation before deciding to expand and put her work on everything from mugs, vases, plates, door knobs, wrapping paper, cards and candles to placemats -- everything Irish-made.

Her signature cow motifs have won fans in North America, Britain, Japan and Australia. Daly's work is available at Innen in Dublin and on her recently launched website, She is exhibiting at the Beyond The Hall Door exhibition at the Point Depot in Dublin from September 28 to October 1.

Details of several of Paul Daly's projects and his designs can be found at .