Monday, March 9, 2009

Licensing My Art.

I am licensing some of my work to a U.K. canvas print reproduction company called Happy Spaces. It has started me thinking about licensing my art. I really love producing and selling my own work but over the years I have thought about getting a licensing agent to sell my art internationally. Every artists dream!

I love thinking of product to produce for my online shop and enjoy the limitations I have with the cost of production and postal sizes. I have to be very creative with what products to produce, cost is always a big issue and all products have to be small and lightweight for posting. All the products I produce are on paper or card, I would love to do work on fabric and ceramic, design bags and bedding, you name it and I would love to create art for it!

I am starting by licensing my art on canvas, and shall see how well Happy Spaces sell my art, but I might start looking for that licensing company to reproduce my art onto all the products that I won't be able to get my creative hands on!

Above is one of the images I am licensing to Happy Spaces.