Saturday, March 28, 2009

A is for Ape

Above Alphabet Wall Stickers-10 x 10 cm (4"x 4") each sticker.

I have written in my Blog about starting my online shop to sell my art for children. I started my enterprise by creating four nursery wall art prints. When I quickly started selling, I realized, to keep customers interested and coming back, I had to offer a wider range of children's wall art. One product I thought would be great as wall decor was wall stickers. I started with a wall sticker range of five animals, these were nice but a bit small in size. I always wanted to illustrate the alphabet using animals, so, I decided it would be a better to do ABC animal wall stickers. It took me a long time to complete my alphabet wall stiker range. All the animals are handpainted, scanned into the computer and the backgrounds and text are done in photoshop.

Above my wall growth chart - 52" x 12 1/2"(132 x 32 cm)

My animal alphabet has taken on a life on its own. I have created an alphabet wall growth chart, wall stickers and have just licensed my alphabet image to an art canvas reproduction company. I also want to create a few more alphabet products, I won't write about these just yet as I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Above my alphabet image licensed to an art canvas company.

Just to add, my alphabet animal wall stickers are a roaring success, so all the work was worth it!