Friday, May 15, 2009

Growth Chart Mad

New growth chart design to
add to my Wall Growth Chart category.

Yes, I have gone growth chart mad! I have had an idea buzzing around in my head that I just had to get down onto paper. I started the rough today, I want this to be totally opposite from my cat growth chart in my last post. I want this to be very simple with strong bold colours.

I never lost that excitement you feel as an artist of having an idea in your head and getting it down on paper. I used to be a bit more obsessive about my work, and would paint until the early hours to get an illustration finished. I am a little more controlled now and enjoy stepping away from a piece I am creating to do something else. Oh, the maturity of age!

Anyway back to my growth chart, I will post the final artwork as soon as I have completed it. I hope you like it!