Monday, May 4, 2009

New Work

World Map
now available at my shop selling art for kids

I have been illustrating two new growth chart designs, both are still unfinished! Where does the time go? I try and paint as much as I can, unfortunately time is restricted. I find this frustrating as I have to work on the other areas of my business.

Alphabet wall art
now available at my shop selling art for kids .

I have managed to create three new prints, two are images that I have used on other products on my site, my world maps and my alphabet. These two new prints are now available in my Kids Wall Art category.

Boat Trip
new baby art keepsake print

I have also illustrated a new image for my Baby Art Keepsake category. My baby art keepsakes are very popular and I really have to widen this range further, when I get the time. People love the personal touch that is created with these prints. You can add all the baby's birth details to the print- name, date of birth, weight, Mum, Dad, brother's and sister's name. I add this information by hand (and I wonder were all my time goes!) Between, admin, illustrating new ideas, getting them printed and personalizing them, promoting my site etc, etc. No wonder there isn't enough hours in the day!

My goal for the week- is to do as much painting as possible and to finish at least one of my growth charts. I hope to be blogging about one of them next week.

I would also like to thank all my followers of my blog, it is great to be receiving so many comments it really gives me a boost to know there is such an interest in my work.