Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have written about how I came to start my online shop selling my nursery art and wall art for children, now I would like to write about the design, seo (search engine optimization) and general development of this site. This definitely has been a labour of love, started with really a zero budget, my husband (Laszlo) designed and created my online shop and I started the daunting task of promoting my site. I saw a lady on tv talking about online business, she said you will do nothing for three years but eat and sleep your online business before you see some real returns.

Well, I did sart to sell straight away but sales could be erratic. I learnt about seo and started to promote my site. You really can do your own seo up to a point, all the information is there on the interent but seo can consume you, it takes a lot of time. I discovered this, so after two years I professionally redesigned my site
(I felt a visual makeover was my first step), above are the rough designs for my site, please compare it with the final shop- And this year I have taken on a professional seo company, I have only been with them for a month so we will have to wait to see the outcome. This now leaves me the time to create more artwork which really is what it is all about!